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The Pulse Oxymeter

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Easy Pulmonary Sufficiency Monitoring At Home

The Pulse Oxymeter is a simple but powerful device to measure the level of oxygen in blood which on the other hand is a very direct indicator of pulmonary sufficiency. The medical terminology is Blood Oxygen Saturation, short term is SPO2.

While we breath, the air goes into the lungs and special cells will get the oxygen from the air and thus into the blood which then will circulate through the whole body.

This perfect ecosystem can be obstructed by pneumonia infection which causes inflammatory reaction by the immune system.

In these cases the alveolars are filled with secretions and can not get oxygen to red cells, thus blood oxygen level will fall.

Who needs to know his Oxygenation Level?

Basically everyone needs to know his Blood Oxygen Saturation Level.

Of course, people with known problems can use this device to monitor continuously the oxygen saturation in their blood.

First signs of pneumonia will impact the blood oxygen level, read at the end of this article to check the levels.

People which have been smoking for many years and have quit, can check or keep under monitoring the blood oxygen saturation levels to know their pulmonary sufficiency.

People which are active smokers should check this indicator which will provide them a further reason to quit as soon as possible from the deadly habit.

Sport and fitness people can monitor also the heart rate in real time before and after the workout activity.

Elders can actively and daily monitor this important indicator at home, it is so easy to use.

How does it actually work?

The technology behind it is very smart, providing us with such small and yet with incredible value device.

It works with infrared technology, on one side the infrared light is generated and on the other side, a special detector will get the light that passes through the finger and by means of very advanced electronics will calculate the oxygen level in blood but also the heart rate exactly.

It is so non invasive that can be used on anyone, just infrared light on your fingertip, there are no counter indications of any kind for using this device on anyone as much as you wish.

How to understand the readings?

We are listing below the main information:


Level: 94% to 99%

This is the most normal range one should fall, 99% being the best, indicating a very good oxygen saturation thus meaning that the lungs are doing a great job to feed the blood with oxygen, very much needed for the brain, etc.

Level: 90% to 94%

This is where things get tricky and really medical, if one has this level only for a short time then there is no problem but if it is for prolonged time, like days, the person should consult its doctor.

Level: < 90%

This level is not where we want to stay, if you have this reading then repeat several times the measuring. Try the device also on an other person which is healthy to make sure that the reading is accurate and then consult your doctor telling him that your blood oxygen saturation is low.

How to order?

You can order directly from our website and we will send you a tested unit via express shipping, usually USPS or similar for US and Royal Mail for UK. For all EU countries we will deliver with the best and fastest shipping method available for the specific country.

Final notes:

  • Learn your Pulmonary Sufficiency Immediately
  • Get Medical Indication Of Your Oxygen Saturation
  • Live Monitor Your or Your Loved Ones SPO2
  • Get Live Accurate Heart Beat Rate Monitoring
  • Activate Audio Alarm Notifications On Certain Levels

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